Stima investment is an investment company registered under the co-operative act whose main mandate is to carry out investment activities using member’s funds. Some of our business activities include:

  • Successful Completion of Stima Investment plaza
  • Successful completion Stima Investment plaza II
  • Successful completion of Stima Village at Syokimau
  • Sale of lands in different regions of the country
  • Trading in equity and money markets




  • QUALITY: We  endeavor  to  demonstrate  the  highest  possible  quality  in  our  daily  work  and interaction with our members, clients, suppliers and all other stakeholders
  • INTEGRITY: Stima Investment Cooperative at all times upholds honesty, transparency in all its management and investment dealings
  • INNOVATION: Stima investment will adapt creative ways to increase the wealth of our members through new products and services.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We will at all times carry out our operations in a socially responsible manner
  • TEAM WORK: Stima  Investment  believes  in  the  synergy  principle  and  will  harness  individual strengths to increase output.

Our Partners